In My Mind's Zen Garden
  • randomguru in san francisco

    Right now, I’m blogging from the airport in San Diego, getting ready to fly up to San Francisco for my niece’s art exhibition. Basically, the event is called the “Cultivated” and here is the information, in case anyone in SF is interested in attending. The event is FREE to

  • The Other Side of Society

    I did a great jazz gig yesterday afternoon at the clubhouse in the Fairbanks Ranch gated community (the north side). It was great. Residents of this oppulent community (this zip code is the 2nd richest in the country! don’t know who’s 1st) were able to hang out by the

  • blogging from the pyramid

    I’m blogging from the Luxor pyramid in Las Vegas. The drive from San Diego to Las Vegas was the same as usual… uneventful. Our “pyramid room” overlooks Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino. So, it’s kinda cool. I like the architecture of the Pyramid. I like the hollow part inside

  • i don’t wanna go to las vegas

    Well, it’s not that I don’t wanna go to Las Vegas. I’ve freakin’ been there a gazillion times! I’ve performed at the Hard Rock Hotel, Caesar’s Palace, and the MGM Grand… I’m only doing this for the family. But it’s cool! *does high fives* It’s just that I long


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