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    Acoustic Drums + Electronic Drums = Fun!

    Not much to report here when it’s a busy week of gigging.

    So this week I have gigs from Wednesday through Sunday, one piano gig and the remainder are drumming gigs.

    Speaking of drumming gigs… I think the groups I perform in are getting spoiled with the triggers, which allow me to play both acoustic drums and electronic drums at the same time.

  • Drums
    Happiness is a Struggling Musician

    As a musician, I’ve had maybe one close call with “big time” success, and it was a very enriching experience, and also disappointing as well.

    It’s a heartbreaker when you think you’re riding a big wave of success, only for the bandleader to call you one day to let you go. Supposedly, I was replaced by another drummer just before this big success would happen.

  • big time operator
    Big Time Operator and the Swing Kids

    As the drummer for the neo-swing band Big Time Operator from 1996 to 1999, I must confess I had the time of my life playing Sing, Sing, Sing. Good times! Great gigs!

  • workaholic
    The Single Paradiddle

    Single Paradiddles The paradiddle (see figure 1) is one of the 26 standard rudiments in rudimental drumming. Actually, there are a variety of different paradiddle rudiments that comprise the Paradiddle Family, but the main essence is derived from the Single Paradiddle shown below: The Basics But lets take a


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