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  • Retro Enthusiast
    Bygone Era: Big Time Operator Performing “Sing Sing Sing”

    Someone posted a video on YouTube from a bygone era that was the Neo Swing Movement, also called the Swing Revival which began in the early 1990’s as an underground movement, and reached the height of its popularity by 1999. Performing with Big Time Operator from 1996 to 1999,

  • Dylan Elise
    Dylan Elise: Drum Solo, Amazing Stick Tricks

    EVERY TIME I SEE A DYLAN ELISE DRUM SOLO on YouTube, I am amazed at his ability to groove and get people dancing, while doing some highly technical solos. And I’ve reviewed Dylan Elise’s drum solos before. What’s really amazing about Dylan Elise is his ability to twirl and

  • [VIDEO] Akira Jimbo Drum Solo – Jamming in the Night

    Here’s another killer video and performance by Japanese Fusion drummer Akira Jimbo. Once again, his chops are impeccable here as he plays one-man-band, triggering bass synth lines with his bass drum and using Yamaha electronic drums and pads to handle any melodies and harmonies. His drumkit is spectacular, and

  • [Video] Akira Jimbo Drum Solo – Wishing Well

    AKIRA JIMBO is one of those rare drummers who has taken the art of the drums to new levels. I don’t think there is any drummer out there who has matched his knowledge and sophistication when it comes to blending electronic drums and acoustic drums and the relationship that

  • Terry Bozzio Drum Solo with Frank Zappa

    I confess, this is the first time I’ve seen this. And, I also confess that I’m not the Frank Zappa fan that I should be. Nevertheless, I’ve always enjoyed watching and listening to Terry Bozzio play the drums, with Zappa, the Missing Persons (with wife Dale Bozzio), and other

  • Slipknot Drummer: Joey Jordison’s Drum Solo

    Joey Jordison is currently my favorite metal drummer. Okay, I’m biased here but I think he always has a solid drum sound, and while he uses the triggered DDrum kits to get a really full-bodied drum sound, I think it works in his musical situations. I was an acoustic-only


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