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  • Slipknot Drummer: Joey Jordison’s Drum Solo

    Joey Jordison is currently my favorite metal drummer. Okay, I’m biased here but I think he always has a solid drum sound, and while he uses the triggered DDrum kits to get a really full-bodied drum sound, I think it works in his musical situations. I was an acoustic-only

  • Dylan Elise
    Dylan Elise: Drummer of the Moment

    Whoa! This young drummer from New Zealand is amazing. For a 16 year old he’s got all the right chops from brushes to sticks, funk, latin grooves, double-bass drumming and amazing stick flipping… his drum solo recorded “live” at the Tauranga National Jazz Festival in New Zealand. I Highly

  • Cymbals
    New Zildjian Cymbals (Photos)

    This is my latest collection of cymbals that I currently use when performing at gigs. These cymbals are especially suited for jazz drumming, a bit expensive and a definite musical investment in quality of sound (though not as expensive as these cymbals!). I just finished cleaning and polishing them,

  • Buddy Rich
    Buddy Rich’s Most Technically Brilliant Drum Solo?

    Buddy Rich: Greatest Drummer Ever Buddy Rich is arguably the greatest drummer that ever lived. I’ve seen a LOT of Buddy Rich drum solos on the web already, but I came upon this one I hadn’t seen before, and it is simply amazing! I can tell this drum solo

  • An Amazing Drum Solo by 12 Year Old Tony Royster Jr.

    I admit that in my drumming career I have performed a lot of drum solos that I could say I was proud of… a few in Disneyland, Disney World, Las Vegas and Croce’s Top Hat come to mind… nights where I definitely had a “good” night. But, every time


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