In My Mind's Zen Garden
  • Getting Lost In The Music

    As I write this, I’m thinking of setting up my keyboard to practice again. In a few minutes. I think I have an addictive personality, because when I obsess over something, someone, some place, that feeling sort of takes over my whole being. It’s good in a way, and

  • a change of heart

    my first love has always been music. i think my wife gets jealous of this fact. anyways, i love the internet and its power to connect real lives across physical as well as virtual boundaries. the more i think about the internet being a beautiful, wonderful shangri-la in cyberspace,

  • He’s Got… High Hopes

    So, the solo piano gig at Bistro 221 went exceptionally well last night. I had such a great time playing solo piano that I actually forgot to take a break. I just literally get lost in the music! But there was one point in the performance where I started

  • Satellite Photo of Bistro 221

    View Larger Map This is a satellite photo of Bistro 221, the place I’ve gigged at many times with Donnie and Gary. allows you to locate an address and show a map of it, and now they have a new “satellite” feature which will give you a satellite

  • vienna teng benefit webcast

    If you haven’t already checked this out, Vienna Teng’s benefit webcast is still available and Eric has informed me that it will be up until around April 15th… tax day? I’ve seen the webcast already… twice… at least. It’s a nice, wonderfully intimate concert performed “live” from Eric’s loft.

  • i can’t make you love me

    omg… I was working on the computer just now when I heard this song on American Idol coming from the television around the corner. It was Constantine, one of the contestants! He sang a rendition of I Can’t Make You Love Me which was originally performed by Bonnie Raitt.


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