In My Mind's Zen Garden
  • i can’t make you love me

    omg… I was working on the computer just now when I heard this song on American Idol coming from the television around the corner. It was Constantine, one of the contestants! He sang a rendition of I Can’t Make You Love Me which was originally performed by Bonnie Raitt.

  • should i stay or should i go?

    site tip: in case you haven’t noticed, pointing your mouse over the entry time will give you how many minutes, hours, days ago the entry was posted. . . . . Tonight is supposed to be my gig at Bistro 221 with Donnie. But last weekend we were cancelled

  • i can’t believe how depressed i am

    So, it’s a Friday night and I’ve been here all alone. My youngest son is at his cousin’s, and my oldest son went to the movies with friends. My wife is at a retirement party, and here I sit all alone at the computer. Well, at least I have

  • a musical baton

    Okay, I will gracefully (yet with precision) grab the baton from Steve’s hand and run away with this one!

  • singing diva

    Valerie Body is an up-and-coming vocalist whom I perform with in Big Daddy Orchestra. She is an exceptionally gifted performer who’s involved in several musical projects, and she has a brand new web site and a brand new CD entitled “The V Spot”. She’ll be performing this Friday with


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