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  • In Case You Missed These Raw Food Articles

    “In general, mankind, since the improvement in cookery, eats twice as much as nature requires.” —Benjamin Franklin Above Photo: Green salad, tangerine slices, avocado slices, tomatoes, olives and dressing.

  • An Abundance of Avocados!

    My Parents Have An Avocado Tree So yesterday I visited my parents, with the intention of helping my Dad harvest some of those delicious Bacon Avocados from his 20 plus year old avocado tree.

  • Sunflower Sprouts
    How To Sprout Sunflower Seeds

    Over the weekend I made my first batch of sunflower sprouts! Basically, here’s what I did: I put a handful of sunflower seeds in a glass jar. Filled the jar with purified water and left it in the fridge for about 24 hours. I then took the seeds out

  • Zen and the Art of Making Almond Milk

    I make almond milk almost everyday, and I’m amazed at how refreshing it tastes. And I’m 100% certain it tastes better than any cow’s milk or soy milk from the stores! And healthier! Basic Instructions

  • A New Goal – 100 Days, 100% Raw!

    Here’s another photo from the Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside, CA. A snow family that’s part of the Festival of Lights! I’ve been waking up automatically at around 5-ish lately. And I like to practice piano early when there’s still less “white noise” around. Things have been busy lately.

  • Day 30 – A Whole Month of Being 100% Raw!

    An epiphany – one reason I have so much energy now, is that I have an extra surplus of energy to utilize, that was once used to digest cooked food! RAWvolution by Matt Amsden Matt Amsden is a Raw Food Chef living in Los Angeles, and runs his own


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