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  • 100% Raw – Day 28 – Raw Cereal with Almond Milk

    “Raw foods create living bodies, and cooked foods create dying bodies” —Sabrina Aird Yesterday was the first time I tried some “Grainless Apple Cereal” by Lydia’s Organics. I ate it with fresh almond milk and it tasted fantastic! It’s like raw granola. 100% organic, vegan and raw.

  • 100% Raw – Day 27 – Feeling The Vibration!

    I made breakfast-in-bed for my wife this morning. She’s basically pescatarian… she eats seafood. But I served a vegetarian breakfast with eggs, fruit and oatmeal. The Vibrant Life! This morning I could’ve imagined it, but I could swear I felt the “cosmic vibration” of life. I know, it sounds

  • 100% Raw – Day 26 – The Zen of Salad Presentation

    There is a “Zen” of raw food presentation I am striving for, on a personal level… because it is also important to “take in” the food visually as well. A Question To My Readers Do you find these food diary/logs interesting? Perhaps helpful? Let me know… for sometimes I

  • 100% Raw – Day 24 …The Zen of Simplicity

    No thought, no reflection, no analysis, no cultivation, no intention; let it settle itself…—Tilopa A Sunset @ Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California – Taken June 2008. Simplicity I’m finding beauty and wisdom in simple things… I think eating a 100% raw food diet creates more of a chemical balance within my biological

  • 100% Raw Cacao-Banana Smoothies

    HERE’S A GREAT SMOOTHIE RECIPE for someone making the transition to a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle, from personal experience, a Raw Cacao-Banana Smoothie is one of the best things to help that transition go “smoothly”. Exilir of Life To make this smoothie, it’s important to get the freshest ingredients.


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