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  • Going 100% Raw Vegan

    Yesterday, I did a trial run and ate 100% raw vegan. Now, technically I’ve been on juice fasts (or feasts) before that were 100% raw vegan, and I’ve been eating approximately 75% raw for the past 2 years. Have had some relapses that didn’t feel good at all. But

  • Raw Vegan Diet
    Raw Vegetables and Cancer Prevention

    We’ve always known that vegetables are healthy for you. It’s just a matter of eating them, right? Didn’t our mothers and grandmothers tell us to eat our broccoli? Well there’s no doubt that vegetables are a natural source of vitamins and minerals, not to mention a great source of

  • The Raw Food Movement: Ready For The Mainstream?

    The ultimate fringe food culture sexes it up for the mainstream… —from Raw Food Chat . . . . Earlier this morning I had an epiphany about Whole Foods, that hip, expensive place that’s pretty much the ONLY supermarket where I can buy organic, raw vegan foods in mass

  • food sushi zen
    Boosting Your Energy Level With Smaller Meals

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. By a small sample we may judge of the whole piece. —Miguel de Cervantes . . . . Since I’m on a bit a roll from my last post, Boost Your Energy Level With Raw Foods, I’m going to share

  • Boost Your Energy Level With Raw Foods

    A couple of years ago I wrote a post entitled, Raw Foods: The Grand Experiment. I had already been a vegan for a number of years, and a vegetarian for more than two decades. Anyway, I’d been reading about the concepts of eating only raw foods online and in

  • Deconstructing The Appetite With Raw Foods

    Although I consider myself a “Raw Vegan” I am still a bit skeptical. But I’m still intent on doing all the research I can on nutrition and trying my best to apply what I’ve learned to my life experience. But so far, I’m pretty convinced that animal products tend


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