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  • The Raw Food Movement: Ready For The Mainstream?

    The ultimate fringe food culture sexes it up for the mainstream… —from Raw Food Chat . . . . Earlier this morning I had an epiphany about Whole Foods, that hip, expensive place that’s pretty much the ONLY supermarket where I can buy organic, raw vegan foods in mass

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    Boosting Your Energy Level With Smaller Meals

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating. By a small sample we may judge of the whole piece. —Miguel de Cervantes . . . . Since I’m on a bit a roll from my last post, Boost Your Energy Level With Raw Foods, I’m going to share

  • Boost Your Energy Level With Raw Foods

    A couple of years ago I wrote a post entitled, Raw Foods: The Grand Experiment. I had already been a vegan for a number of years, and a vegetarian for more than two decades. Anyway, I’d been reading about the concepts of eating only raw foods online and in

  • Deconstructing The Appetite With Raw Foods

    Although I consider myself a “Raw Vegan” I am still a bit skeptical. But I’m still intent on doing all the research I can on nutrition and trying my best to apply what I’ve learned to my life experience. But so far, I’m pretty convinced that animal products tend

  • 10 Superfoods to Improve Health & Performance

    MY ONE BIG REASON FOR TRYING to eat as healthy as possible…. performance! While drumming and working as a musician. Plus, being able to feel really great! So in my dedicated search for the best foods possible for optimum health, I find there are lists of superfoods all over

  • Raw Foods vs. Cooked Foods

    I’ve eaten cooked foods most of my life. So, comparing cooked foods to a renewed 80% plus Raw Food Diet is actually quite easy to do. And one can easily compare one’s health and feelings back when one was eating cooked foods to the new raw dietary regimen. You


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