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  • Frugal Living vs. Consumerism

    I chanced upon GuyNamedDave‘s blog (via and read his post: 100 Thing Challenge I love his idea of a 100 Thing Challenge. 100 personal things that are essential in your life, and hopefully you won’t need anything else. Can you do it? I’ll be working on my list.

  • Coupons
    Entertainment Values Coupon Book

    If you live in the San Diego area, my son is selling these Entertainment Values coupon books for $20.00 each. It’s a great deal because you get hundreds of coupons to save at movie theaters, fast food restaurants, fine dining, etc, etc… You can purchase one by sending $20.00

  • My Take On The Financial Meltdown

    I sympathize with Onigiriman when he laments about the current financial crisis. It’s really starting to personally takes its toll on me too. As a middle-aged dude who’s got savings, some stocks, a retirement plan and some life insurance, not to mention a mortgage payment… the thought of financial

  • Should I Trade In The SUV For A Mini Cooper or Prius?

    …And Will I Really Save Money In The Long Run? I confess that I own a gas guzzling SUV, but let me explain. I had a few valid reasons for buying a Ford Expedition back in 1997: Because I come from a large Filipino family, we needed a large

  • The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008

    I just received a letter from the IRS, and I must confess that I dread receiving mail of any kind from the IRS, if you know what I mean. So, this time it turned out to be a special message from the IRS about the Economic Stimulus Act of

  • Rich On Kindness, Poor On Funds

    Yesterday I took my youngest son for a haircut because he had an ROTC competition in Long Beach the following day and he needed to look his best. So, I gave him some money for the haircut plus a tip, then I drove off to pick up a pizza


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