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  • U.S. Currency
    The Year in Stocks 2017: Boeing the Winner!

    The Year in Stocks 2017: Boeing the Winner! No doubt, it looks like Boeing is the BIG WINNER of 2017. And President Trump appears to have had a hand in striking deals with Saudi Arabia earlier this year and recently with Singapore Airlines. This newer deal is planned to

  • Apple Computers
    Today is Apple’s Day, But I Bought Microsoft on the Dip!

    As I was contemplating buying more shares of Apple this morning in the pre-market hours, I was thinking that the stock would eventually settle down after all the hype.

    I was right.

    Shares of AAPL were trading at $174+ a share in the pre-market, which meant there was going to be a huge gap up once the regular trading session began at 6:30am PDT.

  • stocks
    Sunday Research: A Look at Top Performing Stocks & ETFs

    I’ve been collecting data on some of the top performing stocks on Wall St.

    I do this to test some of the best stocks for growth and dividends.

    It’s nice to research some emerging markets like Solar Power and Drone Technology, but it’s of vital importance to have a core group of stocks that will continue to perform through good times as well as hard times.

  • U.S. Currency
    Thoughts on Portfolio Strategy and Aggressive Trading

    I’m taking the opportunity tonight (on a Saturday evening) to analyze my trading and investment strategy.

    I want to share my current overall strategy because:

    1. By doing this I believe I can improve and clarify my overall strategy.

    2. There is always room for improvement somewhere, and I did an analysis on SigFig and they say that I’m overly invested in U.S. stocks and I need to put some of the portfolio into Bonds.

  • Solana Beach
    Trump’s Attack Against Amazon Seems To Be Working

    Trump was attacking for some reason, citing it’s connection to the Washington Post, considered Fake News to Trump.

    And now Amazon stock seems to be tumbling days after Trump’s attack. Many analysts consider Amazon stock a strong buy still, so this might be a good time to get in. But for me I’m losing money, thanks to Trump’s attack.


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