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    Is It Time To Get Back In On Apple Stock?

    Is It Time To Get Back In On Apple Stock? As an investor, I’ve gotten in and out of Apple stock. Most of the time I reap nice profits. But, with 2016’s turbulent volatility, in part thanks to a vile Trump campaign that incited a LOT of negativity AND

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    Well, not a very big day on Wall Street today. Volume was low, and stocks overall didn’t perform all that great. The only good thing was that we ended in the green by closing bell, including my portfolio.

    In the end, not a very impressive day.

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    Sugar Mama Talks About Investing in Stocks

    Sugar Mama TV has a great video that explains the ins and outs of stock investing.

    She makes it clear and to the point.

    Here emphasis being on investing in stocks that are mostly blue chips that generate dividends for the shareholders.

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    More Afternoon Than Morning Cup

    I’m actually having another cup of decaf on this warm Summer day.

    Just habit I guess.

    The stock market has been quiet this week, and as I mentioned before—August is turning out to be a slow month.


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