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  • Live Blogging CNBC and the Stock Market: Tuesday Edition

    12:01pm – Basically, the market is in negative territory. The major indices are all in the red. It doesn’t look like it’s going to get better for the day, as we have less than an hour in the trading session. The Western Sage Equity Fund is all in the

  • Live Blogging the Final Trading Hour: Late Lunch Edition

    12:02pm – Equities are lower for the third straight session. The latest Jobs Report not helping the stock market. There is still a Debt Crisis in Europe. Regardless, many investors are still “bullish” over the stock market, and there ARE several stocks that have been doing quite well and

  • Live Blogging the Stock Market: Pre-Fourth of July Edition

    7:02am – Coming in on the first hour of the trading day. I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July holiday, for those of you in the United States, or an American abroad. Right from the start, the stock market indices are in the green. There is low

  • Live Blogging the Stock Market: Will the Rally Continue?

    The big question today? Will the big rally last Friday continue this morning on Monday? We’ll soon find out in less 10 minutes, as we await the opening of the market this morning. The outcome today will depend on economic factors in Europe and China; the continued saga in

  • After Hours: Developing a Stock Investing Strategy

    Developing a strategy for investing in the stock market is just as essential as the toilet paper we use. That said, I try to apply a simple strategy that is not too hard to follow, nor too complex that the average person won’t understand. As Leonardo da Vinci was


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