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  • Live Blogging the Stock Market and CNBC: Holding On Edition

    10:32am – Starting late again this morning. But, I’ve been up early monitoring stocks on my trading software. Basically, the stock market is in the red today. Only two of my positions are in the green: BMY and NLY Again, this week I picked up another pharmaceutical stock: Eli

  • Live Blogging the Stock Market and CNBC: Operation Twist Edition

    11:00am – Live blogging the market later today, after starting off at the opening bell yesterday. CNBC reports and discusses Ben Bernanke and Operation Twist. The Federal Reserve lowered its outlook for economic and employment growth for the next few years, which doesn’t look good. More on this later.

  • Live Blogging the Stock Market and CNBC: Technical Tuesday

    6:28am – Just a couple of minutes before the opening bell. I’m up extra early today to take advantage of the first minute of trading. We’ll see how it goes… I should do this more often. 6:33am – CNBC discusses how India, Brazil and Russia are doing poorly economically.

  • Live Blogging the Stock Market and CNBC: Greek Election Edition

    7:12am – Happy Monday, everyone! 7:21am – CNBC reports: Today is the 1 month anniversary of Facebook’s debut. Facebook shares are elevating higher today. Facebook stock is up to +31.00. 7:27am – The stock market’s major indices opened slightly in negative territory this morning, following yesterday’s Greek Elections in

  • Live Blogging the Stock Market: After Hours Edition

    12:23pm – Very busy day today. Had a late start at blogging, but I’ve been keeping up with the news. Watched President Obama being interrupted by a random reporter during his “Dream Act” speech at the White House. That is the first time I remember ever seeing this done


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