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  • Personal Finance: Is It Too Late to Buy Google Stock?

    I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know a thing about the stock market, and I’m not a professional stockbroker. But, I own some stocks and for the most part I have made some money. It’s a worthy form of investing if you play your cards right and

  • Personal Finance: Should I Invest in Starbucks Stock?

    Update – 10/30/12: I no longer hold positions in Starbucks stock ($SBUX) and have no plans to invest in the stock in the immediate future. This post has been trending lately, so just I thought I’d put this out there! ~Randomguru Out of curiosity, a show of hands, how

  • My Take On The Financial Meltdown

    I sympathize with Onigiriman when he laments about the current financial crisis. It’s really starting to personally takes its toll on me too. As a middle-aged dude who’s got savings, some stocks, a retirement plan and some life insurance, not to mention a mortgage payment… the thought of financial


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