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  • Live Blogging the Stock Market: The Jamie Dimon Edition

    9:07am – Today’s a busy day for me, so my updates will be rather sporadic. The big news on CNBC today is the testimony in of JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon on Capital Hill. You can best follow along at The Wall Street Journal, as they are “live blogging” this

  • Live Blogging the Stock Market: CNBC, Euro Crisis, Pharma

    10:02am – Starbucks has been struggling today but overall we’re experiencing a bit of a rally. But we;re still much lower than last Friday’s gains. 10:15am – The mood today is pretty positive. The DOW is up 114 points right now. NASDAQ is up 20 points. S&P 500 up

  • Investing Notes: How Many Stocks Should You Have in your Portfolio?

    This question comes up frequently for newbie investors. How many stocks should you have in your portfolio? I currently have 12 (an even dozen) in my portfolio. I’ve divided them into groups: Income stocks (high-yield dividend stocks and REITs), long-term investment stocks, short-term stocks to take advantage of trends.

  • Live Blogging the Stock Market: Spain, Apple, CNBC

    11:18am – This website was down earlier in the morning, but we are back up again, “live”. 11:20am – CNBC has been reporting about Apple’s annual conference for software developers today. Apple made announcements: improvements to Mac OS X Mountain Lion, a brand new iOS 6 for iPhone, and

  • Live Blogging the Stock Market on CNBC: Friday Edition

    10:15am – Coming in on the “Power Lunch” hour. CNBC is broadcasting from Belmont Park, and the talk is about race horses. “I’ll Have Another” suffered a leg injury and is out of the Belmont race. Stock-wise, overall, the market looks good and all major indices in the green.

  • Market Roundup: Whole Foods Market, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s

    If you know me, then you know about my passion for Whole Foods Market. Whole Paycheck? Despite all the claims that their produce and other available products are over-priced, as well as their infamous nickname “Whole Paycheck”, Whole Foods Market’s stock has been doing quite well the past few


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