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  • Live Blogging the Stock Market on CNBC: 1st of June Edition

    11:01am – The Stock Market has taken a major plunge today! The Jobs Report was dismal as well at only 165,000+ jobs, year-to-date. President Obama spoke “live” at a Honeywell Plant in Minnesota in response to the Jobs Report, but stocks fell further during his speech. Mitt Romney was

  • Live Blogging the Stock Market on CNBC: End of May Edition

    10:05am – I’m monitoring stocks as usual, but thought I’d experiment again and blog the market on CNBC. It’s the end of May and let’s face it, it hasn’t been a great month for the stock market. An hour ago the stock market indices were all in the negative,

  • The Closing Bell: Investing Notes, Facebook IPO

    It’s the final hour of trading. The stock market is definitely on the downside. Again, talks about the Euro Crisis, the plight of Greece and Spain, weigh heavily on the U.S. stock market, bringing it down. On a positive note, housing prices have gone up a bit. CNBC once

  • Investor Roundup for End of May 2012

    Of course, investing is a serious matter, because it’s your hard-earned money that is on the line, and there is a certain level of risk involved when investing in the stock market. In my previous post, Blogging the Stock Market: One Hour to Closing Bell, I touched upon the

  • Blogging the Stock Market: One Hour to Closing Bell

    The obvious big news on Wall Street is the whole Facebook IPO debacle. Today is the day that option trading begins for Facebook stocks. The “product” itself, the social networking site is highly successful. It’s the No. 2 destination in the world, second only to the almighty Google (GOOG).

  • Zen and the Art of Investing: 6 Reasons To Invest in Stocks

    The more I study and understand the nature of the stock market, the more I realize I have missed a lot of great opportunities to invest in some great companies! Yesterday I went to the mechanic to get my car repaired. I had waltzed into the front office and


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