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  • Signs in Julian, California

    Another Trip to Julian Recently, the family and I took a quick trip to the countryside and the local mountains, our destination being Julian, California. We were late for the apple festivals and apple picking, but we were able to buy the fresh breads from Dudley’s Bakery in Santa

  • throwback thursday
    Throwback Thursday: Pics of Me Through the Years

    Throwback Thursday Pics For Throwback Thursday, I decided to do a blog post featuring some random pics from the past. The usual routine is to post something on Facebook or Instagram, but this time I thought I’d dedicate a blog post for today’s popular hashtag. The above photo of

  • San Diego Skyline
    San Diego Bay and Skyline in Spring

    This photo was taken on a beautiful, sunny weekend in Early Spring. The photo was taken from Coronado Island near the Ferry Landing, where there are shops and restaurants and a boardwalk along the bay.

  • garden daisies
    Photos from Around San Diego – March 2015

    Just some quick photos from around San Diego, taken this weekend while driving around and appreciation the city in which I live. Sometimes, I take for granted that I live in a beautiful city by the bay, where (for the most part) the weather is gorgeous even during the


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