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  • Fireworks Sea World
    Random Update with #Fireworks @SeaWorld

    I confess, it’s been a while since I browsed through random photos on the Flickr website. It’s amazing that there are so many talented photographers capturing a lot of beautiful and stunning images around the world. That said, I love photography and I love to take pictures. But alas,

  • Macbook Air
    A Collection of Recent Photos

    Yes, it’s been a while since I just posted any recent photos. I do have a wide array of interests, so I sometimes feel stretched and pulled in different directions; from music to photography, from computer programming to hiking. But photography is a big passion that I have not

  • Flickr Logo
    Let’s Face It: Flickr’s New Design is Atrocious!

    I’ve been a Flickr user for years. Maybe too long to actually admit the number of years I’ve being using Flickr. All I know is that from the start, I’ve always admired Flickr’s design and how it used just enough “white space” around images and photos to really make

  • Rotunda San Francisco Mall
    San Francisco: October 2011

    A recent trip to San Francisco had renewed my interest in amateur photography. And a need to display such photographic images on my blog again. Remember my photos from New England? Like the trip through Old Cape Cod… Westfield Mall, Downtown San Francisco The architecture here is amazing! And

  • Morning Sky Clouds
    Random Digital Photography

    I’ve been getting back into Digital Photography again. Feeling inspired, like I was years ago when I only had a cheap digital camera. Of course, I’d like to own a better one than what I have now, but I’m happy with my old, trusty Nikon D40. In The Backyard


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