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  • Most Awesome & Cleanest Computer Gaming Setup?

    Upgrading to a Multi-Monitor System I’ve been looking at ideas for upgrading to a multi-monitor system, being that I tend to watch the stock charts and need multiple screens in which to operate and switch between. Write now I’m using my 13″ Macbook Air, and I have about 5-6

  • stocks
    Using Multiple Monitors on a Macbook Air

    Because I trade stocks and conduct my stock analysis everyday, I’ve always been looking out for a way to have multiple monitors to my computer setup. The Need for Multiple Monitors Right now I currently use a Macbook Air (circa 2011) and I run multiple desktops, so I typically

  • Computer Setup
    An Ultimate Computer Desktop Setup?

    An Ultimate Computer Desktop Setup? Usually, my philosophy is simplicity when it comes to my own computer setup. I’m happy to just kick around a sleek little 13″ Macbook Air. Something similar to this. Just a simple workstation on a table. However, my upstairs computer workstation is a bit


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