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    Wednesday, July 26, 2017

    Random posts like this have been my forté here for the past 12 plus years!

    So, sometimes it’s fitting to just name the post title whatever today’s day is.

    I have my regular Wednesday piano gig at a senior living center, and I thoroughly enjoy performing for them.

  • The Latest Candy Crush Tournament Wins Over 100K

    I’ve been playing Candy Crush Tournament over at My goal simply has been to better my score and post wins over 100K. Below are my latest wins over the 100K mark, and I was hoping to reach 200K and above. But alas, I’ve gone into a slump and

  • So, I Finally Hit the 100K Mark in #CandyCrush Tournament

    It took perhaps 3 weeks, but I finally did it. I surpassed the 100K mark in Candy Crush, tournament version. I got pretty close, reaching 90K plus a few times, and as I practiced on, I maintained higher scores averaging in the 50K and 60K regions. Hitting 100K was

  • Candy Crush Strategies: Getting Close to the 100K Mark

    So, I’ve been officially playing Candy Crush every day for the past week. It’s an addictive game, but I’m getting a handle on it. And I’m getting close to my personal goal of 100,000 points! So, here are the screenshots of my two 90,000+ scores in the tournament edition

  • Candy Crush: Creating Wrapped and Striped Candies, and Donut Holes

    A Few Candy Crush Strategies If you’ve been playing Candy Crush Saga for any length of time, you’ve found out by now that getting the special candies will trigger some spectacular “blasts”. This in turn will produce higher scores than simply matching 3 candies of the same colour. Just


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