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  • Music Notes: The Friday Edition – FLAC vs MP3

    For audiophiles out there who want to retain the full quality of their CD collections when burning to a digital format, the FLAC format seems to be the way to go. . . . . Right away, though, there are some problems when using FLAC: Even though you’ll reduce

  • The Nature of Music in a Digital World

    Music Played Back Through The Years While I organize my music and finish digitizing all my CDs, I can’t help but look back on how the whole system of music playback has evolved. From the old phonograph to downloadable music (and other media) on media players… music playback has

  • Random Notes: For Monday, September 20, 2010

    A Day Off Today The past 6 days have been very busy for me. From Wednesday to Saturday I had 5 gigs with 5 different bands. With one of the bands, I had to learn a LOT of new music, or music I hadn’t played in a very long

  • Music Notes: Digitizing Your Music Collection – Part 2

    Linux Music Players I posted some previous notes about organizing my music collection. I’ve already mentioned in my previous post that Linux and Ubuntu in particular don’t provide support for Apple’s iTunes media player. I’m going to take a step back and focus primarily on music players, since within

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    Music Notes: Digitizing Your Music Collection – Part 1

    What did I do over the weekend? I spent most of my time “digitizing” my music collection. With so much music, it would be nice to create more “physical space” for other things. But I need convert all of my music to digital format so that I could play

  • University of Hawaii Mural
    Random Thoughts During Labor Day Weekend

    Friday, September 3rd So, here we are on the Friday that begins the Labor Day Weekend! My, where have the days gone? This year has whizzed by and we’re heading into Fall and the Holiday Season! Has the year gone by quickly for you too? And what are your


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