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  • Apple Computers
    Unbox Therapy’s Video of the iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

    No doubt, this is a big problem if you’ve just bought a brand spanking new iPhone 6 Plus. Apparently, the above video has gone viral, showing that a new iPhone 6 Plus can easily bend. After all, Aluminum can bend easily. And the fact that this latest iPhone is

  • Don’t Watch Too Much TV… You’ll Get Brainwashed!

    Yes, the title says it all, doesn’t it? I admit I watch TV but probably far less than the Average American. Having said that, I most definitely spend a considerable amount of time in front of a computer screen. . . . . I posted on Facebook yesterday that

  • Coldplay: Mylo Xyloto

    In the olden days, the members of Coldplay were primarily concerned with keeping pace with U2. But times change, and Chris Martin and Co.

  • 12 Cool Hidden Features Of iOS 7

    iOS 7. We’ve had the rumours, we’ve had the help-the-newness-of-it-all-is-making-me-feel-sick phase, now it’s time for the tips and tricks

  • Five Of London’s Best Burritos

    Swiftly making their way up the ranks as king of the fast-food world are the freshly prepared, simple, and dangerously moreish, burritos.

  • The Latest Candy Crush Tournament Wins Over 100K

    I’ve been playing Candy Crush Tournament over at My goal simply has been to better my score and post wins over 100K. Below are my latest wins over the 100K mark, and I was hoping to reach 200K and above. But alas, I’ve gone into a slump and


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