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  • Yellow Flowers
    Making Friends On… Friendster!

    [begin sarcastic rave] I’m really glad I joined Friendster when it first launched several years ago. And even today, I’m getting more and more friend requests, from people like Lory Bell (pictured right). Friendster is so fun and exciting. You get to meet new people from all over the

  • Search Words Yielding #1 Spot at Google

    Popular Posts I’ve been doing some experimental searches at Google, and found out that if you do a search with the words, “the zen of composting“, my article on composting comes up as the #1 search result: Composting: A Key Ingredient To Gardening Success Now, provided someone types in

  • Linux 101 – The very basics of Linux

    [ via ] How many of you are using Linux? Or have used it in the past? *raises hand* One of my goals this year is to get Linux running on a dedicated box. I have Mac OS X which has Darwin (a flavor of UNIX called BSD

  • FYI: Adding Comments at the Zen Garden

    I should’ve added this before, but anyway, halfway down the sidebar is a link to register in order to add a comment to a post. And if you’re already registered, there is a link to “login”. Here are the links: register – login Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s just

  • Macbook Air
    mac rss with style

    I recently downloaded Newsfire RSS for Mac OS X. I love the elegant interface and design, but it’s just way too addictive to be subscribing to all these RSS feeds!

  • structured blogging

    I just installed the structured blogging plugin and it rocks! I will do some real reviews soon. And here’s a brief explanation of what “structured blogging” is all about: Structured blogging is a way to get more information on the web in a way that’s more usable. You can


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