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  • Morning Cup
    Through The Eye Of A Needle…

    No doubt, look everywhere in the post-election news and social media, and you’ll see a lot of racist incidents happening.

    It’s as if all these racists are emboldened to finally come out and express their inner feelings of hatred to a multi-cultured, multi-ethnic America!

  • ocean sunset
    Spirituality and the Piano

    Music, in a very generalized way, is meant to uplift humankind. In a very Zen kind of way, sound waves that reach our ear are similar to the ocean waves that reach the shore. Waves, in general, seem to be a naturally occurring phenomenon in this universe, as even

  • spirits ghosts paranormal ocean sky
    Paranormal Mashup: Things I’ve Experienced Over The Years

    Over the years, I’ve had what might be considered several paranormal experiences. But to this day, I have remained skeptical, yet open to the possibility that there is much more out there than what our 5 senses can perceive. Of course, if you believe in God and the afterlife,

  • Salem Ghosts Witches Halloween
    Ghosts, Spirits and the Supernatural

    Ghost Stories So, the other night on Larry King Live, he had a show entitled, “Do You Believe in Ghosts?”. It was an interesting television program. I spent some time earlier this afternoon browsing through books at Borders, and for some odd reason I decided to peruse through all


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