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    Recipe: Peach Banana Smoothie… #RawFoods #Vegan

    Today I wanted to share one of my favorite smoothies. A Peach Banana Smoothie! It’s 100% Raw and Vegan! And you’ll be surprised how simple this is to make. And when done you’ll have 3 servings of fresh fruit! Ingredients 2 Large Peaches 1 Medium-size Banana 1/2 Cup Coconut

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    Recipe: Pomegranate-Peach Banana Smoothie

    Here’s a nice recipe for a warm day. It’s a Pomegranate-Peach Banana Smoothie! Ingredients 1 large pomegranate 1 large peach 1 large banana Base of 1/4 filtered water and 1/4 orange juice 12 ice cubes Instructions 1. Pour the base liquid into the blender. 2. Add 12 ice cubes.

  • Raw Vegan Sandwich
    [Recipe] Raw Vegan Sandwich

    Here’s a sandwich I like to make, that’s healthy and can be utilized by: 1. Someone who wants to be a vegan. 2. Someone transitioning to a raw foods diet. The bread I always use is sprouted grain bread, either wheat or multi-grain. Or, if you can find it,

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    How to Make a Raw Cacao Wheatgrass Smoothie!

    “We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.” —Adelle Davis Below is a photo of my first raw cacao wheatgrass smoothie, using Amazing Grass wheatgrass powder! “It always seems to me that

  • Raw Lifestyle: Superfood Injected Cacao Smoothie

    A WHILE AGO I PRESENTED MY VERSION of a 100% Raw Cacao-Banana Smoothie. This beverage has since evolved into a high-energy drink fueled with superfoods and fiber. Just make sure all ingredients are 100% raw and organic! You’ll be able to feel the difference. My recipe for making 100%


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