Trading Notes: Creative Ideas Regarding Your Stock Portfolio

First of all, I am pretty open about posting my stock portfolio online. Of course, for obvious reasons and for personal privacy, I haven’t been posting the number of shares for each stock and the total amount of my stock portfolio.

My idea is to share the wealth, so to speak, and hopefully to educate and amuse others who might also be personal investors or are simply curious about it.

I try to make no airs about being a knowledgeable investor. I never consider myself a professional, and everyday I am always learning something new, and many times I feel the need to share the information and pass it along to others who might benefit from it.

I’ll make sure I post any stocks that I’ve unloaded (closed positions in), but for the most part anyone can check out my current portfolio and holdings on my portfolio page. I’ve dubbed my family’s portfolio with the name The Western Sage Equity Fund.

Some Creative Ideas

With a blog post title including the word “creative”, many might argue that the financial world is far from being creative. And I would tend to disagree. The business of buying and selling stocks is highly creative, and not just a realm that involves cold, calculated, and absolute financial matters. At least from my point of view, I see investing as a highly creative and productive venture.

  • Sure, there are risks. And, being creative in the negative sense as in doing something illegal and criminal is obviously not what I’m talking about.
  • Well, being a shareholder for a company that you believe in and has proven to be a successful one is a positive sort of creativity.
  • But in regards to creativity, I refer to using your creative sensibilities to invest in stocks, and being open to the number of stocks in your portfolio, what sectors you like, and perhaps a theme as to what you like to invest in.

    For instance, I’m currently into energy and utility stocks like $XOM and $NGG. And, I’ve just started getting into basic material stocks, just recently investing in $RNF.

  • At one time I had telecom stocks $S and $T, although I still have a few shares of $S.
  • Being creative with what sectors you’re interested in will obviously fuel your passion and interest in the stock market. Also, how you approach buying shares of stocks can be important, strategic and creative.
  • I was buying Starbucks ($SBUX) stock, investing in it when it was around $30 a share. As the stock continued to trend through the weeks and months, I bought more shares in increments, and sold all my shares for a nice profit when it hit $60 a share. The stock has been down trending lately and has been hovering around the $45 range. Will I invest in the stock again? Well, I no longer drink Starbucks beverages. I quit cold turkey. Well, I’ll get an occasional beverage but my 1-2 drinks a day regimen are no over.
  • Once, I was managing 17 stocks in the portfolio, which I thought was great because I had a wide variety of stocks from various sectors. But seriously, for the personal investor, I found out that it’s really hard to manage that many stocks at a time. For one, you’d have to read all those quarterly earnings and annual reports that each company sends you. And you’ll have 17 stocks to keep track of their fundamentals and financials data. So, at that time I did get excited about owning that many stocks, but I believe there’s just not enough hours in the day to keep track of that many stocks. I have other things to do than to spend all day and night doing research and homework.
  • Right now I manage 8 stocks in the portfolio, in 6 different sectors. And, I think that is perfectly manageable. If one has so many stocks in a given portfolio, s/he might consider simply investing in a good mutual fund. I prefer the control of buying and selling individual shares of stocks, and that to me is more… creative!
  • And speaking of creative, I once invested by working out the following types of mantras… I woke up and drove to the gas station to get some gasoline ($XOM), then got a mocha at Starbucks ($SBUX), on my way to Walmart ($WMT) and Costco ($COST), and on the way home I picked up some fast food at McDonald’s ($MCD). In the literal sense I never really did all that, but it was my way of tracking (logically) what a typical American would do on a given Saturday or Sunday, and I invested in those companies that applied to the “mantra”.
  • But recently, I’ve been getting deeper into technical charts, and being creative with how I color code moving average lines, or how I determine time frames and chart types. With special portfolio software (that you can download online) to manage and track your stocks, “skies the limit” when it comes with being creative and customizing your stock software layouts. I’ve made several layouts that I’ve given special names like “The Playground”, “Tri-Chart”, “Quad Chart” and “The Sandbox”.

There are lots of creative approaches to managing your stock portfolio. You are limited only by your imagination. Being fun and creative is the key. And, try to avoid being to serious with it and boring. Boring it definitely is not.



Carlos Rull

Carlos Rull is a musician living in the San Diego area. His interests include Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Zen Buddhism, and Gardening. He plays drums, piano, and composes New Age & Ambient music, and his albums are available on iTunes and

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