Trading Notes: This Rally Looks Pretty Rock Steady

9:16am – Today’s rally looks pretty steady and solid.

In recent weeks, the market has been pretty volatile and fluctuations were pretty dramatic minute by minute, hour by hour.

Today looks pretty good (crossing fingers). And most stocks in the Dow are green right now.

Of course, this could all change any minute, but I’m confident we’ll finish in the green for the day. Just hoping we finish the week on a positive note.

Keep in mind that the stock market overall has had a good year. We are at highs that have been the best in the past 5 years. And corporations are still sitting on cash. How will that trickle down into the overall economy and benefit the masses? That has yet to be seen.

Trading Notes

9:21am – We are in a fairly strong rally today.

The NASDAQ is doing quite well today, and a few stocks are key: $AAPL $ISRG $PCLN $GOOG

Market Indices: $DJI +42.04 $COMP +20.55 $SPX +7.72 $NYA +19.7163

No Brainer Losers

9:39am – You’ll definitely want to steer clear from the following stocks. These companies have obviously been struggling big time, and I doubt that they’ll find the light at the end of the tunnel any time soon. Just sayin’… $DELL $RIMM $HPQ $BBY




Best Buy

Market Indices: $DJI +43.65 $COMP +19.54 $SPX +7.74 $NYA +21.9944

Def Off The Highs

10:00am – We are definitely off the highs of the day. I noticed some resistance at the previous market index levels. Could it be temporary? It could be, but I’m thinking that from here on out we’ll be struggling to maintain a decent rally. The current levels are slipping.

The NASDAQ, however, remains rather strong.

Overall, the portfolio is doing well, up some +206 points.

Market Indices: $DJI +39.63 $COMP +19.68 $SPX +7.35 $NYA +20.6747

10:57am – The market indices have definitely come down. The portfolio has come down as well to +201 points.

We are trying to desperately hold on to whatever gains are left for the day.

Market Indices: $DJI +10.50 $COMP +11.93 $SPX +4.20 $NYA +3.4361

Market Recap

1:24pm – All in all, it was a good day for most of the stock market. The major indices finished in positive territory for the day. The portfolio finished in positive territory for the day as well, up some 300+ points.

Portfolio winners: $ISRG $T $GLD $S $AGNC

Portfolio losers: $RNF $KO $NLY $XOM

The big gainers of the past week are: $RNF $KO $AGNC

The portfolio has outperformed The Dow the past 2 days, but hasn’t outperformed the S&P 500.

The major indices finished positive for the day, though well off the highs of the day. NASDAQ did well.

Market Indices: $DJI +12.25 $COMP +15.19 $SPX +5.24 $NYA +2.3812



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