Transformation Tuesday: Today’s Cron-o-meter Stats

Using Cron-o-meter

I’ve been logging my food and liquid intake in Cron-o-meter for almost 2 weeks now. It’s been a bit tedious but I’m dedicated and really want to see if I’m getting enough protein and nutrients on a Raw Vegan diet.

Note: I’ve used Cron-o-meter before, but for whatever reason I stopped. I have to admit it takes some dedication to input everything into Cron-o-meter. But, my health is my number one priority. Health is wealth!

The difficult part is in adding multiple ingredient meals, but I’ve been good in eating mostly whole foods, fruits and vegetables, making it much easier to track everything. But, sometimes Cron-o-meter has more complex meals already there, even fast food like a McDonald’s Big Mac and Fries!

So, it’s fitting that since today is Transformation Tuesday, why not share today’s Cron-o-meter stats and analyze just what I ate today.

Overall Summary

As you can see, I burned more calories than I consumed today, but it was close (within a few hundred calories). And I’ve been good at keeping calories consumed less than calories burned. Thanks to Cron-o-meter, of course!


I have a long list of foods and ingredients consumed for today, so let’s just go over the basics.

  • I met with a friend for lunch and had a side order of french fries that was about 794 calories. So, my oil/fat intake and my carbohydrate intake went through the roof. I’ll have to work on that, but I still ate less than I burned.
  • Other highlights of today’s food intake: A plate of Steamed Broccoli, 2 Raw Cacao Smoothies with Raw Protein Powder, A Large Garden Salad with Vegan Dressing.
  • My BMR (basal metabolic rate) is 1800, so if I was just lying down in bed all day and not moving, this is the amount of calories burned just to keep my heart and lungs going and other bodily functions.

Nutrient Targets


These nutrient targets are the ones I’m most concerned with, and you can set this up in Cron-o-meter to monitor your most important targets. Being Vegan, the obvious ones are getting enough Protein, Calcium, and B12. For some reason my B12 intake went through the roof! And B12 is supposed to be a major concern for Vegans. I got more than enough today.

Other than the B12, my nutrient targets were right on the mark! 100%

Protein Intake


It’s apparent that I got more than enough Protein today as a Vegan! If anything, I got more than enough in some key amino acids. On other days I would be a bit short with one or two amino acids, but today was awesome. It’s important to note that I am using Sun Warrior Raw Protein Powder in my smoothies, so that’s a big factor.

Vitamin Intake


And I got more than enough Vitamins. Some key vitamins (B12, B3, Folate and Vitamin A) were in the red. Don’t know if I should be worried about excess vitamin intake or not. But I’ll do the research on this.

Mineral Intake


I scored well on the Mineral intake as well. But the Sodium intake is something to worry about, being that I have High Blood Pressure (which I continue to work on lowering).

By the way, this morning’s Blood Pressure was excellent, so I’m improving on this. Yes! 99/72 pulse 73

But I have to watch the Sodium intake, and Cron-o-meter is a great tool for monitoring that. It’s apparent that my side order of fries contributed to today’s salt and fat intake.

In Summary

In short, I’m very happy with my progress in the last few weeks. But I will have to be diligent in continuing on with my Cron-o-meter usage. I think that I can do it, because I’m extremely dedicated in improving in the next couple of months. I really want to see more results.

Wish me luck!

I’ll try to post more of these Cron-o-meter updates for Transformation Tuesdays.



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