Trump, Look What You Done Did?

Trump, Look What You Done Did?

As an investor, it’s days like this when I want to pull my hair out because the stock market took a big dive. Apparently, you might’ve already read that the word ‘impeachment’ is going around Capitol Hill. I mean, Trump, week after week has caused a LOT of drama, and stemming from day one.

Whispers of nepotism, of Trump getting his daughter Ivanka involved as an advisor along with son-in-law Jared Kushner. I mean, if Obama did something remotely like that, he’d be out-of-the-white-house in a flash! But Trump? Somehow he gets away with it and the Republicans are all hush-hush about it.

As a matter of fact, the Republicans have been quiet about Trump’s transgressions until now when FBI Director James Comey was fired simply because he was conducting an investigative probe into collusion between Trump and Russia.

There’s talk about his uber-expensive secret service costs, what with Melania Trump and children in New York, and Donald Trump taking weekend getaways to Mira Lago to relax and play golf. Not so bad a thing, but somehow his secret service costs keep skyrocketing.

The Trumps just can stay put in the White House. They have to be all over the place.

And then there are the suspicions that Trump is still doing business on the sly, which would be a direct conflict of interest, and even Ivanka Trump getting caught still trying to sell her brand of clothing under another name!

And Trump always blames the media, especially in his commencement speech to the Coast Guard, saying no politician has been treated the worst than him.

You know what, and I just don’t get why his supporters don’t see it, or refuse to believe it, but he’s a total bulls**ter, as what Obama supposedly said.

He’s been caught in several lies and BS stories, and has had to backpedal numerous times, and his staff has had to find explanations for his antics. But in this latest fiasco with James Comey, he threw his staffers under the bus when Trump contradicted them in a TV interview, and now his staffers are throwing him under the bus. You simply can’t make this stuff up!

Anyway, because of what Trump has done and his recent actions (and don’t go blaming the news media for this one), his basically in hot water, and Paul Ryan and the Republicans are once again backpedaling and trying to cover for Trump.

Whatever, man…

Don’t blame the media or anyone else. Blame yourself, geez Louise!

The stock market took a big tumble today… when Trump took credit for the stock market rally that was a load of cr*p, and I don’t see him taking credit for this huge fall in the stock market. He’s real quiet about that!

Whatever, man…



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