Is Trump Responsible for the Success of the Stock Market?

Is Trump Responsible for the Success of the Stock Market?

Recently, Trump has been claiming credit for the Stock Market’s success this year.

Personally, this bothers me, and I will give my details as to why I think this is pure hogwash:

1. First off, Trump admitted a few years ago that he never dabbled that much in the stock market, that he was more a real estate mogul and developer. He said that compared to his vast wealth of real estate, he only had a few million invested in the stock market.

2. Last year before he became POTUS, he wrote off the stock market as being a bubble, referring to the tech bubble that had burst in the early 2000’s. The fact of the matter is, the stock market has been experiencing an 8 year Bull Market and had been steadily gaining since after the Financial Crash of 2008.

3. The reality is, the stock market is affected by many different factors, from headline news to geo-political events. But, even more so, it’s the top companies like Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Caterpillar, Boeing and so on who are responsible for their own successes and contribute to the overall success of the stock market. No one man or woman can be attributed to solely taking credit for the stock market’s success.

4. If anything, Apple Inc. is more of a positive influencer than Trump, being that Apple is huge and reached a $900 billion dollar market cap, its affect basically pulling every other stock along with it to higher highs.

Jobs Reports

Monthly Jobs Reports under the Obama Administration were just as good as they are now under Trump. But, Obama faced much criticism from Trump during Obama’s 2 Terms, saying that the Jobs Reports numbers are fabricated. So, under Trump they aren’t super great, but they are an improvement over previous months. Are these Job Reports numbers fabricated as well?

The reality is, many people should take credit for the positive results of these Jobs Reports.

The Trump Bump

In the first 100 days of Trumps office, the stock market experienced the best gains since George H.W. Bush came into office. Many refer to this time period as the Trump Bump. Of course, the notion that a new POTUS with virtually no experience in politics but having the reputation of a savvy businessman, might actually have helped make the Trump Bump possible.

So, it’s not so much what he actually did, but being elected with the ideas that he would slash taxes and improve the economy (though in concept) could’ve been enough to cause this Trump Bump. Who knows, actually.

The Carry Over

More than likely, the success of the stock market in the first year of Trump’s presidency is most likely a carry over from the previous administration.

But, the GOP never gave Obama any credit for it, and as far as I know, Obama was careful NOT to take full credit for it, thus the difference between Obama and Trump.

As mentioned before, the stock market is on an 8-9 year bull rally and it’s looking great as far as strength and stability are concerned, but of course geo-political events could greatly affect the stock market at any time.

Should the markets falter dramatically, would Trump take credit for that? Of course, he won’t. Because you can just follow his Twitter account and see that he blames anyone else if anything goes wrong, and takes credit for anything that goes right!


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