Trump’s Dreaded Tax Returns and Why He Hasn’t Shared Them

Trump’s Dreaded Tax Returns and Why He Hasn’t Shared Them

Every presidential candidate, in the modern history of our nation, has willingly shared his/her tax returns to the American people.

It’s not required, but it has been an informal (yet necessary) thing to do when being vetted for the job of POTUS.

How Trump has gotten away with it is simply a matter of telling the American people that he is in an IRS tax audit. But the thing is, IRS audits don’t last this long, unless there is something fishy going on. And to have an elected president not share his tax returns at this point?

Well, Trump was relentless about Obama showing his birth certificate, questioning that he was not a U.S. Citizen. I mean, anyone can accuse someone of that, and even when Obama published his birth certificate to the American people, Trump and others claimed it was faked or forged.

But back to the tax returns…

Trump is a billionaire businessman. To NOT show his tax returns, especially because he is a businessman, is highly suspicious, yet Republicans have said nothing and pretend this matter is resolved. While Democrats, Independents and the like have most likely grown tired of insisting Trump’s tax returns be made public.

Yet, here I am, as we approach almost a year now since Trump has been elected president, and still no tax returns.

This leads me to some conclusions:

  • 1. There is definitely something suspicious about the way Trump has been doing business over the years.
  • 2. And if one is hiding something in one’s tax returns, there must be something criminal or fraudulent within them. I mean, if you have done nothing wrong, then there is nothing to hide, right?

But the sad part is, why aren’t the American people being vigilant about this? And why has it gotten this far after Trump has already been elected president.

My feeling is that whatever is hidden in Trump’s tax returns, it will eventually come out as the investigation continues in the the possible collusion between Russia and the Trump administration.

Something very bad, even sinister, because it’s very obvious that Trump has had many dealings with Russia and has an affinity for Russia, and Eastern European things, and even with the women he has dated and married.

But I haven’t forgotten, and I hope more Americans will insist on seeing Trump’s tax returns. But I can already tell you there is something wrong in them, as Trump wouldn’t be very discreet about sharing his tax returns if there was nothing wrong with them.

Maybe we’ll never know, but we can safely assume that if he DID show his tax returns, there would be nothing wrong with them and the American people would move on. But, as it stands now, I smell something fishy.

Am I going to let it go?


It’s truly something that needs closure.

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