Trump’s Potential Problem Separating His Business from the Presidency

Trump’s Potential Problem Separating Business from Presidency

Did anyone see this coming? I think not. Especially those who voted for him.

The thing is, this is unprecedented and he WILL have to draw up legal documents to specify and ensure that there will NOT be any conflict of interest between Trump’s business and the presidency.

Conflict of Interest is a big deal, especially between businesses. What more if we have a conflict of interest between the job of being president and the president’s business?

From Trump’s tweet:

“Hence, legal documents are being crafted which take me completely out of business operations. The Presidency is a far more important task!”

Now that he is the president-elect, we as Americans, and legal system and our government must apply whatever measures are in place to prevent a conflict-of-interest.

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The big problem is that Trump may say he’ll devote 100% of his time to the presidency (a full-time job as we all know) but could enact policies and pass bills that will, in effect, help his business side. This would be an unfair advantage and depending on what he does in office, could truly prove a conflict-of-interest.

Already (and this goes against his supporters) he has appointed a few billionaires and Wall Street businessmen to his Commerce positions, something which makes sense but wasn’t what he said during the campaign trail.

Again, it is simply unprecedented that a billionaire businessman was elected to the presidency with no prior political experience and no means to vet him or examine any kind of public office history.

On the plus side, you have an all-Republican Senate, House and Presidency, so there shouldn’t be any grid-lock in our government, not like what unfortunately happened in President Obama’s two terms.

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Mitt Romney is a multi-millionaire and businessman who ran against Obama in the previous presidential election. It’s interesting to note that Trump succeeded where Romney failed. But perhaps this was the trend all along, to create a dramatic change and not hire the career-politician for the job like Hillary Clinton.

All in all, it will be challenging, to say the least, for Trump to distance himself from his business side, with his children vowing to take the reins in his place, I’m sure there’ll be times when they will ask for his advice on what to do, should they need to consult him. I see that happening down the road. It is inevitable and should be viewed as a real conflict-of-interest, especially for a president who is needed 100% (maybe 125%) in the White House, if he is to actually Make America Great Again.

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