Tuesday, December 4, 2018: DOW Ends the Day at -799.36 Points

Oh The Humanities!!!

DOW 799.36—-NASDAQ -283.09—-SP500 +90.31—-NYSE -355.67

Portfolio Leaders: No Leaders Today!
Portfolio Laggards: CAT, ISRG, BA

Yes, oh the humanities!!!

It was a terrible day on the stock market today. In other words, today sucked!

The DOW was -799.36? Are you freaking kidding me?

Let’s make America great again by imposing outrageously insane 25% trade tariffs on several of your allied countries who are also your trading partners, then make all kinds of threats, good news, bad news, and nothing really based on reality, and you have a lot of people confused.

At least that’s how I see what’s transpiring this year. Gaslighting… google that!

So, the bottom line is that our downward spirals have been based on trade fears, of large companies preparing for layoffs, moving production to other countries, American farmers going bankrupt, all due to the fear of trade tariffs.

Yes, it’s backfiring!

Day Trading Notes

I day traded VXX for a small profit, which is great… I made some money today.

But, I was really busy early in the morning so I couldn’t really day trade with complete concentration. We have workers doing our kitchen remodel so it is a little hard to concentrate.

I’m just glad I was able to make something today, as is my goal. It’s a job.

But tomorrow the stock market is closed because of George H.W. Bush’s funeral. May he rest in peace.

Best Performing Stock

AT&T (T)

Guess what?

I didn’t expect T to be the best performing stock in the portfolio. And this stock was in the red.

I could’ve sold at cost, minus the trade commissions, but I confess I miscalculated. I was going for a small profit and even that wasn’t realized, and I’ve been holding on to T since May 2018. I know that T has great dividends compared to say, Amazon (AMZN)… nothing.

But, I’m kind of tired of looking at a stock in the portfolio that has been in the red for a long time. In 2017 I was used to seeing all my positions in the green. Now, my forced philosophy is to rationalize that these negative positions are on paper only, and if I sell then that is a concrete loss.

Anyway, as soon as T becomes profitable again I will sell at a profit. End of story.

Boy, that chart below does NOT look pretty!

finviz dynamic chart for  T

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