Tuesday, June 12, 2018: Indexes in Green Slightly, Movers – SHOP, CAT, FDX

We Have Beaucoup Movement!

DOW +22.14   •   NASDAQ +43.60   •   SP500 +6.79   •   NYSE +11.47

Actually, not really. We don’t have beaucoup movement on the stock market as the major indexes seem a little pensive today. But there are some stocks that are moving, and we’ll talk about those portfolio stocks on the move.

Well, that Kim Jong Un versus Donald Trump meet up didn’t do much to boost the stock market. You might say the markets yawn at the whole event.

The markets could’ve reacted more to Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow’s heart attack, and by the way, I wish him a speedy recovery. Get well soon, hombre! Glad it was a mild one.

Portfolio Movers

Shopify, Inc. (SHOP)

Shopify just keeps on stupefying us! And my current position is close to 92% total gain, just after holding it for a little over a year now. I’ll continue to hold it as SHOP is one of my big winners since 2017.

finviz dynamic chart for  SHOP
Caterpillar, Inc. (CAT)

Caterpillar is another big winner that just keeps on going. I’m holding long on this one and the dividends are good. I’m DRIP’ing this one which means the dividends I earn are converted into more shares of CAT stock, so that my position will continue to grow.

Trump keeps talking about rebuilding and improving the infrastructure, and progress has begun on rebuilding the Great Wall of America, so why not invest in a good company that specializes in equipment and construction?

finviz dynamic chart for  CAT
FedEx, Inc. (FDX)

FedEx (FDX) is my worst performing stock, but I continue to hold on because somehow I have faith that this stock will surge at some point. It’s a great company with solid fundamentals. It treats its employees well.

finviz dynamic chart for  FDX

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