Unbox Therapy’s Video of the iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

No doubt, this is a big problem if you’ve just bought a brand spanking new iPhone 6 Plus.

Apparently, the above video has gone viral, showing that a new iPhone 6 Plus can easily bend.

After all, Aluminum can bend easily. And the fact that this latest iPhone is the thinnest iPhone ever, well, it just makes it that much easier to bend.

Efforts to straighten the iPhone caused the glass to break.

For new users, this latest bit of news is a shocker.

So realistically, you can’t put the iPhone 6 Plus in your back pocket, and probably shouldn’t put it in your front pocket, either. A bit more care and handling will be needed compared to previous incarnations of the iPhone.

A protective case will be essential.

Of course, a couple of scenarios are possible:

  • 1. Apple’s stock price falls – Will this affect the stock price? Should the stock begin to fall, we could experience a sell off if shareholders are fearful.
  • 2. Sales figures will plummet – Will consumers shy away because of this bending problem? Of course, this would hurt Apple’s bottomline, affecting overall sales.

It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds in the next few days. If the problem is a major one, then will Apple recall all of the new iPhones?

Everyone is waiting to see how Apple responds, and how they handle the problem.

Or, it will be a non-issue and the stock price will continue to go up as it has year-to-date, and sales will continue to hit record highs.

The one thing on Apple’s side is the Ecosystem that has evolved over decades, with a large and devoted fan base who just might be more forgiving of the problem.



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