Using Multiple Monitors on a Macbook Air

Because I trade stocks and conduct my stock analysis everyday, I’ve always been looking out for a way to have multiple monitors to my computer setup.

The Need for Multiple Monitors

Right now I currently use a Macbook Air (circa 2011) and I run multiple desktops, so I typically slide back and forth through 5 different desktops.

My Current Desktops

  1. iTunes – So I can listen to Classical Music while I trade and do my research.
  2. Chrome – Of course, my access to the Internet, with multiple tabs.
  3. Charting Software – via my brokerage (streaming quotes).
  4. Stock Spy – another stock app.
  5. Finder – I’ll have the finder window open to search for files and docs.

Using 3 Monitors

Of course, it would be awesome to have 3 24″ monitors to have at least the following:

  • Stock Charting Software
  • Chrome Browser
  • Stock Spy or equivalent

And below, I think this kid has a viable solution!

How To Have Multiple Monitors On The Macbook Air

This multiple monitor setup uses Tripleheadtogo Digital SE by Matrox.

Note: The Matrox TripleHead2Go Three-Monitor Graphics Expansion – Digital Edition T2G-D3D-IF, seems to be the better choice and the most current. Click on the image above.



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