Vegan Diet and Fulfilling Sustainable Protein Intake

Vegan Diet and Protein Intake

The Need for Vegan Diets

A vegan diet has been proven to be sustainable for humans, and pioneers like Dr. Ellsworth Wareham (age 102) have proven that a vegan diet can prevent chronic disease such as stroke and heart attack. In fact, a vegan diet might be the best measure for preventing Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke, the top chronic diseases of today’s developed countries.

The emphasis of getting our protein from animals… is a myth! The infamous protein myth, and we are continually bombarded with this propaganda every single day!

That’s the God’s honest truth. And I wouldn’t lie to you. I have no reason to.

I had been vegetarian for many years, but there were times when I fell off the wagon. I admit. But mainly because I kept being told that I need protein from animal products. And, not being sure myself, I would reluctantly go back to the standard American diet out of sheer ignorance.

They Have an App for That!

Well, thanks to several apps out there that can accurately track your food intake on your iPhone or computer, you can know exactly what kinds of nutrients your body is getting. And with the Cron-o-meter App I can see that, as a vegan, I’m getting adequate amounts of protein and amino acids.

The chart below is from my Cron-o-meter App from yesterday. It shows my protein intake, and you can plainly see that I’m getting enough protein by eating a vegan, gluten-free, plant-based diet.

vegan diet

Lots of Protein, Eating Plant-Based!

Now, people can’t tell me I’m NOT getting enough protein, and I can rationalize that many people are getting excess protein on a standard American diet filled with animal foods consumed everyday!

In fact, many Americans are fed the notion that if you eliminate carbohydrates and eat more protein, you’ll lose weight. And believe me I’ve tried this a long time ago. After about 5 months I felt sick and had to stop the high-protein, low carb diet. It just doesn’t work in the long run, and excess protein simply turns to fat, anyway!

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Perhaps eating animals came from when humans were desperate for food and they hunted animals out of necessity, used their furs to keep them warm, etc.

An Over Abundance of Animal Foods!

Today, we live in a world where there is an abundance of food!

I think that’s where the problem lies when it comes to meat consumption. There is an over-abundance of animal foods available to the consumer, and we are told that we need animal foods at every meal because of the protein. It’s propaganda perpetuated by the meat and dairy industries. And they don’t care about your health. They care about maximizing profits. IT’S A BUSINESS!!!

And that’s why we are all getting sick with diabetes, cancer, heart disease and stroke… the top killers of humans in the civilized, industrialized world.

Enough Protein and Amino Acids on Vegan

So, if I can prove to you that in one day, my protein and amino acid consumption is off-the-charts, then logically, we can conclude that we don’t have to worry too much about getting enough protein. We need to worry about getting too much protein and what are the side effects of that… perhaps obesity, gout, heart disease, alzheimer’s, osteoporosis?



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