Vegan Dining: The Cottage in La Jolla – Part 2

The Cottage in La Jolla

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Rating: 5 stars
5 stars

This past Monday, the family and I celebrated our niece’s graduation from Middle School.

My niece requested that we celebrate at The Cottage in La Jolla, so once the graduation ceremony was over, we went to The Cottage for brunch.

More Vegan Choices!

One thing I noticed is that The Cottage has more Vegan choices on their menu. Needless to say, I was a happy camper. I’m glad they are listening to their Vegan customers and adding more Vegan entrées. It really makes me feel like I have more choices than just the one odd Vegan dish that many other restaurants might have just to make sure they have the random Vegan covered.

What I Ordered

This time, I ordered the Vegan Wrap/Burrito with Soy Chorizo. This dish included a small serving of fresh fruit. For my beverage I had the Fruit Smoothie.

The Vegan Wrap/Burrito was humongous! I could only eat half of it and I took the rest home. The Soy Chorizo was awesome! And I apologize for not remembering the other ingredients in the Vegan Wrap, but I do remember black beans and perhaps some corn. The Fruit Smoothie was delish!

I previously wrote about my Vegan dining experience at The Cottage over here, but I’ve been here many times before and during the time I wasn’t a Vegan. This restaurant is one of the best in San Diego County, so I highly recommend The Cottage, whether you’re Vegan or not.

The only downside? The long wait… but that’s what happens when a restaurant is so popular.

The Cottage - vegan lunch

The Cottage - vegan lunch



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