Vegan Dining: The Cottage in La Jolla

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For Vegans, it can be hard to find places to dine out when all your family and friends are omnivores.

And especially at a very popular breakfast and brunch spot like The Cottage La Jolla, where it can be an hour wait just to be served, you’d think Vegans would have a hard time finding something to eat.

Breakfast and Brunch

The Cottage specializes in omelets and other breakfast entrees, and they arguably have the best French Toast in town. But will all the great entrees that include butter, milk, and eggs, it can be hard for the typical Vegan.

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Vegan Choices

However, I was able to enjoy their roasted vegetable entree (pictured above) and I must say it was all Vegan and fantastic!

If you’re into a little alcohol, they have an excellent Orange or Tangerine Mimosa.

Other Vegan entrees include Tortilla Chips with Guacamole and Fresh Salsa (their guacamole is surprisingly, to-die-for).

They also offer a very nice fruit plate, and you can always have a side-order of their home fries.

Eggs and Bacon

So, although you’ll see a menu with a gazillion breakfast entrees with lots of eggs, bacon, dairy, etc., there are a few great Vegan choices so you don’t feel left out.

The Cottage is one of my all-time favorite places to go for brunch in San Diego County, so I’m definitely coming back.



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