Vegan Lifestyle: An Interview with Alicia Silverstone

Here’s a great interview with actress, author and Vegan ‘kind dieter’ Alicia Silverstone. And it’s too bad the video quality is on the bad side, but it’s still worth getting through it because Alicia has a lot of positive things to say about going Vegan.

After a brief introduction, Alicia Silverstone goes on to quickly promote the Vegan lifestyle and talk about her book, The Kind Diet. Then she opens up the floor for a Q&A.


What I like about Alicia Silverstone’s approach is that she is more compassionate toward people “flirting” with the Vegan Diet. And many people try it only to revert back to their old habits. Her kinder approach toward people adopting a Vegan Diet is much more preferable to the more extremist, angry Vegans on YouTube, who even fat shame other Vloggers.

Most people have been raised eating meat and other animal products, and the meat industry has been very powerful in promoting their products, of course. So, just changing overnight is pretty hard for the average person. But, the Vegan Lifestyle can be taken in baby steps. Chances are, most people are already eating some fruits and veggies, so reducing one’s meat intake can be incremental and done in stages.

Alicia is very good at talking about Veganism in such a way that is not extreme activism, although she calls herself an activist. After all, her approach is all about Kindness and that’s what her book is all about.



Carlos Rull

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