Vegan Link Roundup for December 2017

Vegan Link Roundup for December 2017

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There have been some key articles that I’ve been reading regarding the Vegan Diet.

As you many know, I’ve been a Vegan for many years now, and at one point was a Raw Foodist for a few years. I now try to maintain a Vegan Diet that is a combination of raw and cooked foods, mainly because I think it’s essential to eat cooked foods here and there, especially during Fall and Winter when it gets colder in North America.

But, I’ll try to do a better job at sharing interesting articles about the Vegan Diet.

A Vegan Macrobiotic Lifestyle

A few people have told me that a Macrobiotic Diet is strictly Seafood, Rice, Sea Vegetables and other foods that belong to a traditional Macrobiotic Diet. But many Vegans are adopting a more Macrobiotic-style Diet as well, eating plenty of rice, beans, and sea vegetables and making it a Vegan Macrobiotic Diet.

Nothing wrong with fusing the two dietary philosophies together to create a new hybrid diet.

Are You Ready for a Macrobiotic Vegan Diet?

How Healthy Is A Vegan Diet?

Is a Vegan Diet actually healthy? Much less a Vegan Diet?

I’m a firm believer it is, and it definitely is low in saturated fat and cholesterol, not to mention all the other animal byproducts like uric acid and possible hormones and pesticides.

Kristen Bell’s Indulgence in Holiday Treats!

Kristen Bell, actress and Vegan, has found a way to indulge in Christmas treats while staying Vegan.

Alzheimer’s and Indian Cuisine

Could Indian food help prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s?

Well, I’ve been indulging and cooking up my own Indian Curries lately, with all the standard Indian spices, and I haven’t heard much about Indians getting Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, so it’s worth investigating if Indian spices can help prevent these dreaded diseases that rob us of our memories.

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