Vegan Success Stories: People Who’ve Overcome Health Issues

For the skeptics, people need proof that a plant-based, vegan diet is a healthy alternative to the standard American diet, so it’s important to show the vegan success stories that have proliferated the world wide web.
And there is enough substantial evidence out there that a vegan diet has brought people back to a healthy way of life.

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Assessing Real Vegan Success Stories

The following are my most favorite goto Vegan Websites. Their success is related to a health issue they’ve had to deal with, perhaps the goal of losing weight and achieving optimal health. And I also attribute success in the ways they have built up their own network and community to support Vegans online. Sure, a few of these Vegans have achieved popularity (and sometimes notoriety) and have many some financial success out of their vegan transformations, but good on them if they can make a living out of promoting the vegan lifestyle.

What Makes a True Vegan Success Story?

Here’s the big connection that has produced many of the vegan success stories out there.

  • Fresh, Organic Whole Foods

And this is for the skeptics that have told me that they knew of vegan people who still got cancer after being vegan.

The thing is, being a healthy vegan is dependent on a few factors:

  • How long has one been vegan?
    Dr. Ellsworth Wareham is a 104 year old vegan. He retired at 95, and has been a vegan for more than 55 years. Did he get sick or get cancer? So far not.
  • Is that person eating a healthy vegan diet?
    Yes, you CAN be vegan and not eat a healthy vegan diet. Simply put, if anyone (vegan or otherwise) is not eating an absolutely healthy diet and a wide variety of organic whole foods, they that will be a factor.
  • Were they eating a fresh, organic, whole foods diet?
    Usually, Veganism is connected with a lifestyle that respects all sentient life. So, eating the freshest fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed and legumes is essential to survival on a Vegan Diet.
  • Are they athletic, practicing yoga and meditation, have a stressful job?
    Is that vegan keeping busy? Exercising and eating right? Or is that person a couch potato who lives a sedentary lifestyle. Activity is essential for stay healthy. Movement is Life.

More Vegan Success Stories

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