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Vegetarians at Lower Risk of Getting Cancer

Vegetarians at Lower Risk of Getting Cancer

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, if you’re a billionaire or un-employed. Without our health, we simply can not enjoy life to its fullest.

Health is wealth.

Having said that. This is the big reason I became a vegan. The evidence is out there already. You eat a high-fat,
low-fiber meat eating diet and chances are you’ll develop some chronic illness like diabetes or cancer. The higher your intake of animal foods, the higher your chances of getting colon cancer or heart disease. The evidence is out there already.

I’m just the messenger.

And I’m not just trying to scare people. I’m trying to scare myself into staying healthy.

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Two factors in maintaining health via diet:

  • Fiber
  • Fat


The importance of fiber can not be over-estimated. We need fiber in our diet and lots of it. It’s the broom that sweeps all the gunk out of our intestines. Incidentally, animal meats have zero fiber. And, it makes sense that the Chinese (for thousands of years) have mixed lots of vegetables with meats in their stir fries. Especially in a world that might be more toxic because of the pesticides and pollution, it’s important that we eat lots of fiber in our diet.


Fat in our diet presents a lot of potential problems other than making us gain weight. Fat increases our risk of getting cancer and other chronic diseases. Fat causes our digestive system to excrete more bile, which can lead to problems in our colon. And saturated fat can cause our arteries to harden and narrow. Some doctors are claiming that high cholesterol isn’t a problem, but it’s an indicator that we are getting too much saturated fat in our diets that can cause blockages in our arteries, leading to heart attack or stroke.

Plant-Based Gives You a Fighting Chance

Since a low-fat, high-fiber, plant-based diet can help in the fight against chronic illnesses, it’s important for our health to adopt such a diet, and to avoid overly processed foods.

In the long run, our health is more important. It becomes a survival issue.

Even exercise alone can not help us, unless we adopt a more plant-based diet full of fiber and less fat.

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