[Video] Alex Honnold: Free Solo Climber on 60 Minutes

This video is a 60 Minutes story on Alex Honnold, the Free Solo climber who has done over 1,000 free solo climbs and is the only known climber to have free soloed the Northwest Face of Half Dome!

I’ve already mentioned him here: Alex Honnold: Free Solo Climber

As a person who has never rock climbed or done any serious climbing whatsoever, I have been fascinated with rock climbers and El Capitan and Half Dome in Yosemite. But, I am basically afraid of heights, so I find it quite intriguing that someone can climb El Capitan and Half Dome without ropes and other climbing aids, just a pair of climbing shoes and a bag of powdered chalk!

I find free soloing complete madness because one slip means certain death.

Yet, Alex Honnold is completely calm and relaxed. He says that if he were to get any kind of adrenaline rush whatsoever, then something is going “horribly” wrong.

Although, I can appreciate the Zen, in-the-moment experience that this type of climbing can achieve, they say that not even 1% of the best climbers will attempt to do free solo climbing.

Anyway, it is very inspiring to see someone achieving the impossible.



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