[Video] CNN Money Does The iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

So, it appears that Bendgate has brought Apple stock down 3.44%.

Yes, if you read my previous post about Unbox Therapy doing a “bend test” on the iPhone 6 Plus, they show the smartphone bending quite easily.

Now, there’s lots of talk online (especially on StockTwits) that question the authenticity of the test. And things look a little suspicious with the video itself… like the clock times on the iPhone being chronologically out of sequence.

Here’s the proof…

CNN Money did their own bend test on the iPhone 6 Plus and in their video it actually looks a lot tougher to bend the smartphone.

I mean, think about it, a half dozen to a dozen complaints about the new iPhones bending, when 10 million or so were sold over the weekend.

Needless to say, something smells fishy and I wouldn’t put it past the competition to pull a fast one to discredit the new iPhone.

Meanwhile, Apple stock continues to slide into the red. But, the whole market is down, which speaks more about the big influence the tech giant has on the market as a whole. I mean, lots of companies are connected to Apple in the manufacturing of its products. It is the most valuable brand in the world right now.

If Apple has that much influence on the overall market, then that’s saying something.

The Apple haters and “the competition” should think hard about the impact Apple Inc. has on everything else in the world. Based on what I’ve seen on the stock market, you hurt Apple? You hurt yourselves…

Something to think about…



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