Warren Buffett: World’s Greatest Money Maker

Warren Buffett: The World’s Greatest Investor

Warren Buffett

In a Nutshell

Net Worth: $63 billion
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Occupation: Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway
Born: August, 30, 1930 (85)
Education: B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.S. in Economics from Columbia University

As many have known, billionaire Warren Buffett is a different breed of Wall Street investor. For starters, he still lives in the same old home he bought back in 1958, and is very frugal and down-to-earth compared to most of the richest Americans who tend to live extravagantly and opulently.

It’s an interesting fact that for decades, he has worked in the same office building in Omaha, Nebraska. And most of all, he believes in investing in the company than the stock price, studying the financials and fundamentals of a company and buying a company at a bargain price.

6 Rules of Investing

Although he’s an outstanding role model to emulate, people simply can’t just copy what he has done and become as successful. Nonetheless, many of us can learn a LOT from his valued approach to investing.

Evan Davis touches upon 6 factors that have been a part of Warren Buffett’s investing philosophy.

Warren Buffett’s 6 Rules of Investing
  1. Invest, Don’t Speculate
  2. You Don’t Have To Diversify
  3. Don’t Just Buy Shares, Be A Business Owner
  4. Allocate Capital Efficiently
  5. Don’t Get Into Debt
  6. Think Independently

Words of wisdom from the Oracle of Omaha!

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