A Week After the Gluten Incident: Feeling Much Better!

A Week After the Gluten Incident: Feeling Much Better!

It’s been almost a week since the gluten incident, when I thought I’d be okay eating the Beast Burger from Whole Foods. The thing is, it’s not the Beast Burger patty itself that was bad. That part was gluten-free, and it REALLy was heavy on the protein. And along with the gluten-filled hamburger buns, it was a double-whammy on my system.

I felt very blah and low energy afterward, and for the next few days at least. No wonder elite athletes like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have gone gluten-free. There’s something about the gluten that somehow weighs have on the body for some reason, and going 100% gluten-free TRULY frees up energy to perform at a better level.

I’ve said this before, that even tennis champ Novak Djokovic has gone gluten-free and mostly vegan. It’s a feeling that only the individual can experience, but you have to go gluten-free in order to see if your body feels the difference.

The main thing about my vegan journey is that when I have reverted back to dairy, cheese, gluten, and even seafood a couple of years ago in Hawaii, I either got sick (with flu-like symptoms) or felt low energy and blah…

So, the good news is that the body is probably more pure, and that going back to the so-called ‘bad’ foods (for lack of a better word) does create some negative reactions for me.

And so there is some truth there to going gluten-free, and even going vegan.

I know that if I want to play my best at my musical instrument, I have to stay gluten-free. There’s no denying that now. And being vegan DOES give me a lot more energy to get through my gigs!

More on this later…

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