Weekend Update: Movies, Super Bowl, The Sopranos, Etc.

I’ve been contemplating the last play that the Seahawks made which resulted in an interception by the Patriots and sealed the win for New England.

It’s all over, and no one can take that back.

The Super Bowl

It’s heartbreaking, yes, for the Seattle Seahawks, hoping to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

In the end, the New England Patriots prevailed, preserving their lead and winning the game.

If only Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson handed the football to Marshawn Lynch, their fate would be different.

And now, this year’s Super Bowl is history. It was a great game, with both teams playing their best. The game was close, but in the end the time runs out and someone wins, someone loses.

I was rooting for the Seahawks, because: 1. I have a soft spot for Washington State because my family lived there when I was in the 1st and 2nd grade. 2. The Seahawks were always treated as underdogs against a great Patriots team. 3. The Patriots are great, so I tend to gravitate toward teams that have to overcome obstacles and adversities.

The Sopranos

I have a confession to make. Until a week ago, I’d never watched a single episode of the HBO Television Series, The Sopranos. And this is an old show by today’s standards.

So, I’ve been binge watching The Sopranos on Amazon Prime, trying the FREE 1 month trial. I think I’ll stick with Amazon Prime for the FREE movies and TV shows, along with the 2-day FREE shipping.


My wife and I watched Unbroken at the movie theater. Those new seats at the La Jolla 12 are big and cushiony. And they recline and prop your feet up. I should’ve taken pics, because no one would believe me on how great these Lazy=Boy style seats were.

Unbroken was a great movie. I highly recommend it, and I’m surprised it was snubbed for Best Picture and Best Director.

Gone Girl

We also watched Gone Girl, starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike (who’s exceptional performance earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress). We rented it from Amazon Prime, streaming it. I recommend this one too.



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