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This Week’s Portfolio Winners for Friday, July 7, 2017

Stock Market

This Week’s Portfolio Winners for Friday, July 7, 2017

This week I’m not going to focus on any losers. Potentially speaking, if a company is a great company with a great track record, then they will be winners further down the line.

But, this week’s winners have shown themselves by the week’s end. And today’s rally simply reflects the Jobs Report and the fact that 222,000 jobs were created in June 2017. This figure had surpassed estimates by a wide margin. And the jobless rate had fallen to 4.2%.

This week had also marked some declines in Tech Stocks, but companies like AMZN 1,046.00 -6.80 -0.65% and Apple Inc. 150.56 -2.90 -1.89% bounced back by the Friday.

Aerospace and Defense giant Boeing BA 241.00 +7.55 +3.23% has stayed close to 52-week highs.

New stocks added to the portfolio were MCD 156.95 +0.44 +0.28% and RTN 169.53 +0.65 +0.38%

Okay, I might as well post a few losers for the week.

Disney DIS 110.00 +3.06 +2.86% is still floundering and also JNJ 130.83 -0.12 -0.09%

Surprises include BPT 20.40 +0.05 +0.25% and EXTR 9.10 -0.26 -2.78%.

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